Tattoo Artists in Bangalore

What makes a good tattoo artist? It might sound like a loaded question — and that’s because it is!

Art is expression. With tattoos, art is the expression of both a tattoo artist and the person getting inked. Knowing how good an artist is, therefore, is extremely important when choosing who you get your tattoo from.

But art is not objective. And neither is the skill of an artist. This is even truer when it comes to tattoos since there is such a wide range of styles an artist can specialize in — and most tattoo artists specialize in more than one style of tattooing. Some styles, such as tribal, religious, and minimalist script tattoos and certain designs such as animal tattoos are very common and you’ll find most tattoo artists do them, each with their own personal touch.

So if art and skill are subjective, how do we select the best artist? We don’t. Instead, we provide you with a list of artists who are at the top of their specialization — and let you make the right choice for yourself! Maybe their art will inspire you, or maybe you already have a design in mind and have been waiting to find the right tattoo artist to ink it for you. Either way, we’re sure this list will help you narrow your search for the best tattoo artist in Bangalore!

And if after going through this list you’re still not sure who to get your tattoo from — get in touch! Jhaiho helps you find the right tattoo artist based on your specific tattoo needs. If you’d like to avail a consultation, give us a call on our customer care or simply drop us a message on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter and we’ll get back to you. And be sure to follow us to see more from Bangalore’s leading tattoo artists!

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Now let’s get to it! Here are our picks for some of the best tattoo artists in Bangalore.

Aliens Tattoo

Aliens are a well-known and established studios. Originally based in Mumbai, they’ve recently opened a studio in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Headed by Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens has a core team of artists that specialize in a wide range of tattoo styles and techniques. Bhanushali himself is known for realistic and hyper-realistic tattoos.

Aliens Tattoos houses talented tattoo artists skilled in a wide range of styles, including dotwork, illusion, and surrealism (such as biomechanical pieces). This is a studio that places emphasis on ensuring each tattoo is unique, which is why you’ll find a story attached to each piece they do.

They accept bookings via their social media channels. Aliens are one of the top studios across India with a wide client base, including celebrities, so expect to pay a higher price than you would at most other studios in Bangalore. But rest assured, you get what you pay for! If you’re considering getting a tattoo from them, be sure to book well in advance because their slots fill up pretty quick!

Visit their Instagram to make a booking enquiry, get updates, or check out their latest work.

Kraayonz Tattoo Studio

With over 19 years in the business, Kraayonz is one of the oldest tattoo institutions in India. They have studios in all major Indian cities, including one in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Started by celebrity tattoo artist Sameer Patange, Kraayonz already has quite a reputation among tattoo-lovers in the country. All their studios house talented tattoo artists that specialize in a variety of tattoo styles, many of whom have trained under mentors like Pradeep Menon (of Dark Arts the Tattoo Studio) and Patange himself.

Even with their wide range of specializations, Kraayonz in Bangalore has come to be known for its abstract tattoos and stunning use of colour, which are a speciality of the artists at Kraayonz Bangalore. They also work with other styles including dotwork and blackwork.

Check out their work and follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date on their latest designs!

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To book an appointment, visit Kraayonz Tattoo Studio.


InkOverMatter was started by friends Anurag and Vivek as a home studio in 2012, and it has since grown into much more. With a specialization in Old School, InkOverMatter has some stunning vintage-style pieces that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia.

InkOverMatter is a growing studio who continuously diversify what they have to offer. And with the addition of a whole roster of visiting artists like Rollen Lasrado (of Inkadelik Tattoos) and Thapan Das, InkOverMatter’s specializations have expanded over the years to include portrait, realism, abstract, geometric, illusion work, blackwork, colour, and much more.

In other words, this is the perfect place for anyone looking to get a piece that fuses a wide range of styles while also paying homage to the roots of modern tattooing. Check out their Instagram for more!

To make a booking, visit InkOverMatter.

Verve Tattoo Studio

While many presume larger pieces with great detail are the hardest to do, small tattoos are often just as hard because they require precision and skill not common in a novice artist. It takes years of experiences to be able to work a machine that way, and even more to be able to understand ink and skin to such a degree that one is able to create stunning pieces with such a limited canvas.

Though adept at various styles of tattooing, Jessie of Verve Tattoo Studio enjoys working on tattoos that are unique and challenging — whether they be larger abstract ornamental sleeves or very small minimalist tattoos.

Verve also does some brilliant work with colours, portraits, and coverups, and their catalogue boasts some impressive ornamental and spiritual tattoos as well.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see the full range of what this versatile studio can do!

Book an appointment with them at Verve Tattoo Studio. Verve’s slots fill up quickly so be sure to book in advance!

Ancient Tattoo Studio

Ancient are located in HSR, which makes them one of the most accessible studios for people in South Bangalore. While they work with many styles and designs, Ancient’s skill with lines and black inks stands out.

Blending traditional styles of tattooing with modern tattoo trends, Ancient is a great choice for anyone that has a design — or several! — in mind and needs an experienced tattoo artist to help them bring it to life.

They also do some great minimal couple tattoos! Ancient are a great choice if you’re looking to get inked with your partner, friend, sibling — even parent!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see their latest work.

To make a booking, visit Ancient Tattoo Studio.

Sculp Tattoo Studio

With a humble storefront tucked away in a peaceful laneway, Sculp stands as one of the most experienced tattoo parlours in Bangalore. Specializing in customization and large abstract and blackwork pieces, Sculp prides itself in its art and seeks to tell each person’s story with skilful grandeur.

Put simply — they place a lot of emphasis on customization and detailing, and to that end prefer to work exclusively with medium to large pieces.

Check out their Instagram for some tattoo design inspiration — you’re sure to find something out of the ordinary when you get inked at Sculp!

If you’ve been holding off on getting that full back tattoo or a sleeve customized, Sculp is probably going to be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Make a booking with them at Sculp Tattoo Studio.

Atinga Arts & Tattoos

This studio’s name tells you what its biggest focus is — art! Tom of Atinga is the kind of artist that focuses exclusively on the art in every piece he works on. This means it doesn’t really matter what style of specialization you enquire about, Atinga is all about the creative process. His catalogue features many religious and spiritual figures, which draws a lot on Tom’s own worldviews.

Tom is particularly enamoured by tattoos that are very meaningful to the client. Looking to get your favourite memory or an animal you love immortalized in ink, or perhaps you’re finally ready to get that dedication to your parents tattooed? Tom’s your artist.

If you have a very personal story that you want to have detailed in ink, Atinga is the perfect studio for you.

To make a booking, visit Atinga Arts & Tattoos.

Dark Arts the Tattoo Studio

Dark Arts is yet another studio that is an institution within the Bangalore tattoo community. Headed by Pradeep Menon, who has been in the industry for over 17 years and mentored many artists in Banglore, some of whom feature on this list, Dark Arts had humble beginnings and quickly grew to be one of the most prominent studios on the scene.

Dark Arts specializes in a wide range of styles, from tribal to realistic, and even takes on more modern styles like trash polka.

They continue to train tattoo artists and widen their style of inking. Follow them on Instagram to see what they try next!

To book an appointment, visit Dark Arts the Tattoo Studio.

Birthmark Tattoo n’ Customs

With over 12 years of experience and several accolades under his belt, Raul of Birthmark Tattoos n Customs is one of the most experienced artists on the Bangalore tattoo scene. What makes his work truly enduring, however, is his unique approach to tattooing. Raul prefers to customize tattoos based on a client’s unique story, blending in elements that truly represent the client.

While his core specialization is Irezumi, a traditional style of tattooing from Japan, Raul works with various other styles as well, often fusing elements from blackwork and tribal styles of various cultures into his designs.

Check him out on Instagram and be treated a unique tale behind every piece!

Make a booking with Raul at Birthmark Tattoo n’ Customs.

Aatman Tattoos Bangalore

Aatman, headed by Bhavith, houses a rather diverse team of artists. This owes to the fact that Aatman also runs a training club for budding artists, so the styles offered through the studio are quite expansive.

Most notably, you’ll find some really good realism and even some really cool pop-culture work at Aatman.

The budding artists that are training through Aatman also display a high level of skill with realism, and we can’t wait to see how this develops as they progress into tattoo artists in the future!

Follow Aatman on their Instagram to keep up with their latest work and see more from their students!

Visit <link> to join one of their courses. To book a tattoo appointment, visit Aatman Tattoos Bangalore.

Tattoo Trends

Blending elements from various styles like blackwork, tribal, geometric, and dotwork, Tattoo Trends specialize in creating a wide range of pieces that are traditional and retro in equal measure. Tattoo Trends’ range of specializations allows them to create minimalistic line-work tattoos just as easily as they do detailed sleeves and portraits.

Though tattoo artist Guru’s style includes a variety of elements, his tribal and blackwork pieces are easily the standouts in his catalogue.

Follow Guru on Instagram to keep up with his latest tattoo projects.

Make a booking with Guru at Tattoo Trends.

Tattoos and Tales

“Every tattoo has a tale, what’s yours?” Started by couple tattooists Srinath and Malathy, Tattoos & Tales are known for their range of small to medium pieces that often feature some really quirky themes including pop-culture and cartoon ones.

Tattoos & Tales work with a variety of designs, bringing their unique style to each piece.

Follow them on Instagram to see what fun pieces they’re working on next!

To make a booking, visit Tattoos and Tales.

Inkadelik Tattoos

Rollen Lasrado has already featured on this list as one of the visiting artists at InkOverMatter. Lasrado began, like almost every other artist, in a totally different field and found has way into tattooing because of his love for art. He spent a long time at other studios perfecting his craft and finding his own style — much of which he draws from nature.

He eventually opened his own studio, Inkadelik, and has gone on to create some interesting pieces in a wide range of styles — from minimalistic to 3D and illusion to blackwork. Fellow artist Godwyn Moses specializes in realism and hyper-realism tattoos, making Inkadelik a good place to go if you’re looking to get a tattoo with lots of detail.

Follow Inkadelik on Instagram to see some interesting pieces — like this one! — on your feed.

To make a booking, visit Inkadelik Tattoos.

The Pumpkin Patch

As one of the most popular studios in Bangalore, The Pumpkin Patch has already built a solid reputation among tattoo enthusiasts in the city. Started by Mykel Kumar, The Pumpkin Patch has its roots in Mykel’s love for graphic novels and animated films, which shines through in his work.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking The Pumpkin Patch is a one-trick pony! On the contrary, their designs range from the colourful and comic-style pieces above to blackwork, dotwork, realism, abstract, and everything in between and beyond.

Follow Mykel on Instagram and see what amazing new pieces he comes up with!

To make a booking, contact The Pumpkin Patch via email at

They only work on customized tattoos, though, so even if you take in your own design know that you’ll leave with a piece that’s totally unique!

* * *

And there you have it! Our roundup of some of the best tattoo artists in Bangalore!

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